Fisher 8' H,L,M (HD)

Blade Fits Fisher 8' H,L,M (HD)
Item #1312225 & 1312226
1.5"th x 8" w x 96"L
Price: $168.00

***If unsure of your model…the easiest check is to measure the first few bolt centers, (from the edge) and make sure that they match up with this pattern:

     8’ H, L, M (HD) – 4-1/2, 17, 29-3/8, 41-3/4

***1.5"THICK x 8"wide - Rubber Plow Blade

***w/ 1"wide x 3"long oval slots (centered) to allow for adjustment

***If you require something different, please call us @ 877-265-8267

***100% U.S.A. Manufactured***

plow rubber header small